Privacy (Datenschutz)

The operator of this website (Michael Neumann) currently does NOT store any information about accesses to this website.

FYI, the relevant lines in our web server configuration file h2o.conf are given below:

access-log: "| cat /dev/null"
error-log:  "| cat /dev/null"

There might be situations where we have to turn on logging for debugging or troubleshooting purposes. In this case we will be storing the following information for a short period of time before we delete that data again:

  • Which page was visited (URL)
  • Local time when the access took place
  • Number of bytes sent
  • Referrer URL (the site from which you came). We only store this in error logs which we can’t easily disable
  • The IP address of the requestor

We never use these information for anything else than debugging problems related to the operation of the provided web service.

We keep log files for Email and other private services which you should not be allowed to access (ssh for instance). For these, we log IP and port addresses to prevent DoS and spam attacks.

If you contact us per email, we store your data (the email you sent), in order to respond to your request. Without your acknowledgment, we do not relay your data to anyone else.

You can ask us anytime which data we store about you. You can request us to delete any data we might store about you.