Weekly Work Log #9

In the Weekly Work Log posts I report some of the things that I worked on during the past weeks.

Pull requests (PR)

  • Rspamd.com #467: Fix documentation. Correct enable_groups to groups_enabled. (PR merged)

  • Crystal #9330: Fix Enumerable#{zip,zip?} when self is an Iterator. Fixes bug report #9328. (PR merged)

  • filter-rspamd #36: Add -settings-id command line option corresponding to rspamd’s Settings-ID HTTP header. This allows to distinguish between multiple rspamd settings from OpenSMTPD rspamd filters. Useful when you want to DKIM sign outgoing mail via rspamd but not classify outgoing mail as spam. (PR open)

  • uPlot #260: Add opts.classMap option to customize CSS class names generated by uPlot. This avoids potential CSS name clashes. This author fixed this issue by prepending any uplot CSS class with u-. (PR resolved)


  • DragonFly 4b29dd4bf: pthread - Respect RLIMIT_STACK for main thread. This commit fixes bootstrapping the lang/crystal compiler on DragonFly.

  • DragonFly b1122e3cb: kernel - Remove machdep.hack_efifb_probe_early hack. I introduced that hack a while ago to be able to boot DragonFly on my Tuxedo laptop.

Reported Bugs/Issues

  • Crystal #9328: Unintuitive behavior of Enumerable#zip which depends on receiver arg. (Fixed)

  • DragonFly #3234: pthread - Respect RLIMIT_STACK for main thread. (Fixed)

  • DragonFly #3233: LLVM does not ship with stdatomic and libatomic. (Resolved)

  • DeltaPorts #984: acme.sh creates invalid symlinks. (Fixed)

  • h2o #2425: Request to document extension-level configuration. (Open)

Misc things

  • I migrated my old mail server running on a KVM box to my own dedicated Hetzner server. Dovecot stayed while Postfix got replaced by OpenSMTPD. In the end there was an issue with sending mails to T-Online accounts. Somehow my server was listed on their blocklist. My assumption is that they manage an allowlist manually and every server not on that allowlist is blocked. A single mail to their administrator fixed that issue within an hour.