Weekly Work Log #8

The weekly work log posts are intended to report some of the things that I worked on during the previous week(s).

Merged pull requests

Open pull requests

Bug reports

  • DragonFly Bug #3234. Respect RLIMIT_STACK for main thread under pthread. I created a patch against libthread_xu that fixes this issue. This patch was required to make crystal work on DragonFly.

  • DragonFly Bug #3235. A kernel panic I got while trying to install DragonFly on an encrypted disk.

Misc things

  • I am working on adding cummulative checksums to DragonFly’s HAMMER2 file-system under supervision of Matthew Dillon. So far it is working for files greater than 512 bytes. While HAMMER2 provides per-datablock checksums, cummulative checksums are per-file and allow for much faster tests on (potential) equality between two files.

  • Furthermore I was working on porting my implementation of the Evolvable Substrate algorithm from Rust to Javascript and added a nice UI that visualizes some aspects of the algorithm. The outcome: Evolvable Substrate Explorer.