Weekly Work Log #4

The weekly work log posts are intended to report some of the things that I worked on during the previous week(s).

Merged pull requests

  • tokio-uds #26: This fixes the build on DragonFly. tokio-uds implemenents Unix Domain Sockets for Tokio (“a platform for writing fast networking code in Rust”), and is a dependency of the distributed version control system Pijul. To get Pijul working on DragonFly one has to fix all of it’s dependencies :).

Open pull requests

  • mio #805: Remove lio_listio(2) support for DragonFly. Fixes compilation.

Bug reports

  • ravenadm #2: While writing the port specification of iverilog for Ravenports I noticed a little inconsistency in the sanity checking of ravenadm. John Marino quickly provided a fix.