Weekly Work Log #2

The weekly work log posts are intended to report some of the things that I worked on during the previous week(s).

Merged pull requests

Open pull requests

  • Rust nix #799: I had to rebase this pull request once again. Waiting for it to be finally merged!

  • sass-rs #18: Fix build for BSDs.

Bug reports

  • DragonFly #3111: A recent commit introduced a problem with responsiveness. The mouse pointer was lagging heavily under X11. Matthew Dillon fixed it.

Read Papers

  • I was reading the paper about ES-HyperNEAT again. ES-HyperNEAT evolves the substrate based on only the information already contained within the Compositional Pattern Producing Network (CPPN). The CPPN is furthermore used to determine the connectivity of the final neural network. This approach will be important for my Evolutionary Graph Optimizer, as it will free us from placing neurons on the substrate. Instead, the algorithm will find good locations based on the information degree of the “CPPN image”.

Misc things

  • Ongoing work on my Evolutionary Graph Optimizer project “ego”. Slow progress.

  • I experienced a hard disk error which lead to a broken HAMMER file system. Actually, only a few files were unaccessable, but this lead to a situation, where the HAMMER file system could not be backed up in it’s entirety, so that I had to recover the file system and also use regular backups to get back all my data. I ended up using HAMMER2 as a file system.

  • I finally got my travel blog up and running: Michael on Road. Missing any travel stories yet, but there are a few pictures already.