Weekly Work Log #10

The weekly work log posts report about my activities during the previous week(s).

New developments

Pull requests (PR)

  • Opensmtpd filter-rspamd #36: Add cmdline option for rspamd Settings-ID HTTP header. This allows to select a specific rspamd setting, e.g. enable dkim signing for outgoing emails only. Included in xmas release 0.1.7 of filter-rspamd. (PR merged)

  • Rust xactor #35 and #36: Introduce pub type ActorId and use it instead of u64. Add ActorManager to simplify Actor creation. Refactors the xactor code a bit. Xactor is an actor system implementation for Rust based on async-std. (PR merged)

  • Rust ring #1134: Fix compilation of library ring on DragonFly. (PR merged)

  • Rust nanoid #22: Upgrade rand version from 0.6 to 0.7. This fixes an unsound advisory in rand_core. (PR open)

  • SolidJS #279: Some minor documentation fixes. (PR merged)