Weekly Work Log #1

The weekly work log posts are intended to report some of the things that I worked on during the previous week.

Merged pull requests

Open pull requests

  • Timewarrior #91: Fix compilation of timew for DragonFly.

  • Rust nix #799: The nix crate provides *nix APIs for Rust. Some 137 crates depend on it. This pull request brings support for DragonFly.

Bug reports and bug hunting

  • Matthew Dillon fixed a bug concerning libc and pthreads on DragonFly. This bug was triggered for instance by Rust’s package manager cargo when building the Rust compiler itself. Before this fix, we had to limit cargo to only use one process (no forking). I spend hours testing Matt’s patches and am so happy that this has been finally fixed.

Misc things

  • I got an STM32F4 Discovery board. This is an evaluation board with an ARM¬© Cortex¬© M4 microcontroller. I got Rust running on it and can load new programs through OpenOCD and gdb. Next, I will try Realtime for the Masses on it.

  • I started work on an Android app using React Native.

  • I upgraded the dependencies of several Rust libraries that I was using in my diploma thesis. The plan is to clean up the code and improve the algorithms in order to publish a paper.

  • Modified the design of my homepage. Not perfect yet.