Fixing a longstanding bug in nodejs/libuv

Yesterday I fixed a longstanding issue with libuv on DragonFly. As libuv is the base of nodejs, this bug showed up whenever nodejs spawned a process and used named pipes to communicate with the child process, in which case you got a message like that:

      throw new Error('Implement me. Unknown stream file type!');

Error: Implement me. Unknown stream file type!
    at createWritableStdioStream (internal/process/stdio.js:152:13)
    at process.stderr (internal/process/stdio.js:25:14)
    at Socket._destroy (net.js:476:25)
    at Socket.destroy (net.js:510:8)
    at maybeDestroy (net.js:434:12)
    at Pipe.onread (net.js:562:5)

We developed a workaround for npm, but with my patch for nodejs, this bug is finally fixed. There are some more issues with libuv on DragonFly, mainly related to IPv6. I will fix them, once they hit me.