Ratfor    up http://sepwww.stanford.edu/software/ratfor.html
  Description: NetBSD's devel/ratfor package description says: Ratfor is a preprocessor for Fortran code that allows the use C-like flow expressions. Ratfor was invented by Brian Kernigham. Statements on a line may be separated by a ";". Statements may be grouped together with braces }. Do loops do not require statement numbers because {} defines the range, etc. The Fortran relational operators .gt.,.ge,.ne., etc. may be written >,<=,!=,etc. All of these are translated into Fortran 77 by Ratfor. Ratfor also frees you from Fortran's strict indentation rules. Anything from a # to the end of the line is a comment.

 Hello World   Daniel Lundin
# hello.ratfor
print *, 'Hello, world'
Prints "Hello World" onto the screen.