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  Description: Pliant's special feature is its dynamic compiler. Small programs can be immediately started like in an interpreter, large programs can be precompiled to reduce the time until the program is ready to run. Pliant is an open language, i.e. you can extend the parser and compiler (of course in Pliant).

  Factorial   Michael Neumann
# shunt ist C's ?: Operator

function fac x -> f
   arg Int x f
   f := shunt x>1 x*(fac x-1) 1

console fac:6
Calculates the factorial. Results 720.

 Hello World   Michael Neumann
# Hello World in Pliant

console "Hello World" eol
Prints "Hello World" onto the screen.

 Squares   Michael Neumann
function Squares
   var Int i
   for i 1 10
      console i * i " "

# Funktion aufrufen
Outputs the squares from 1 to 10.