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Parrot is register-based virtual machine (JavaVM is stack based). It may be used in forthcoming versions of Perl (Perl6) and Python.

Parrot was initially introduced on April 1st, as an april joke of Larry Wall and G.v.Rossum. They considered to merge their languages Perl and Python into one called Parrot.

 Hello World   Michael Neumann
# Hello World in Parrot

print "Hello World\n"
Prints "Hello World" onto the screen.

 Squares   Chad Fowler
# Squares by Chad Fowler
    set    I0,1
    mul    I1,I0,I0
    print  I1 
    print  "\n"
    inc    I0,1 
    eq     I0,11,$done
    branch $loop
Outputs the squares from 1 to 10.