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  Description: Daniel Foesch <>: LIRL, "List Implicit Recursive Language" appears to be very similar to functional languages, but rather than everything being functions, everything is variables (a function is just an array of expressions executed in a particular order). There is no distinction given between functions, variables and arrays, except how they are used. It also oddly enough, has both lazy and eager evaluation, under particular circumstances. Something very interesting indeed... It could also be akined to LISP since it works on lists in a very similar way to the whole LISP/Scheme family, except that the lists are generally implicitly determined, and are extented or shortened by various operators. The only time explicit list construction is done is when you need a list within a list, where there is no operator.

  Factorial   Daniel Foesch
sub fac 1,
  if == 1 @[0]
  ( * @[0] &fac -- @[0] ),
Calculates the factorial. Results 720.

 Fibonacci Sequence   Daniel Foesch
sub fib 1,
  if <= 1 @[0]
    &fib -- @[0] & fib - @[0] 2

 Hello World   Daniel Foesch
print "Hello World"
Prints "Hello World" onto the screen.