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  Description: HPGL - Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language. On certain machines (Laser printers), it may be necesary to issue the escape sequence ESC%1B to enter HPGL mode. ESC%1A will exit HPGL mode if you used the above escape sequence.

 Hello World   Jay Keck
IN1;            CO "Initialization string, restores defaults";
PA 0,0;         CO "Absolute positioning at 0,0";
PR 1000,1000;   CO "Relative postitioning - x+=1000 plu, y+=1000plu";

                CO "1 mm = 40 PLU";

DT 1,*;         CO "Use * as a label delimeter, and don't print it";
SP1;            CO "Select Pen 1 (black)";
PD;             CO "Pen down (like logo)";

LBHello world!*;

PU;             CO "Pen up";
PA0,0;          CO "Back to the origin";
SP0;            CO "Select Pen 0 (All done)";
Prints "Hello World" onto the screen.