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  Description: Cook is a Dependency Maintenance Tool (DMT) and is used for constructing files from other, dependent files. It's purpose is similar to the popular UNIX 'make', but has more features and is easier to use. Cook has true variables (not simple macros as in 'make'); user defined functions; is very portable due to a lot of built-in functions; can build in parallel even across a network; doesn't use tabs to indent (as 'make' uses); can simply be told to use fingerprints (e.g. using a MD5 checksum) instead of timestamps.

 Hello World   Michael Neumann
/* Hello World in Cook */

/* platform-independent using built-in function */
[print "Hello World"];

/* platform-dependent using `echo' */
echo "Hello World";
Prints "Hello World" onto the screen.

 Squares   Michael Neumann
 * start from the command-line with:
 *   cook -Book squares.cook
 * or rename as Howto.cook and invoke:
 *   cook 
 * Note that `expr' is a build-in cook command, 
 * and not the UNIX /bin/expr program. 
 * The same applies to `print'.   

loop n = 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  [print [expr [n] * [n]]];
Outputs the squares from 1 to 10.