For the best overview of software I wrote or projects I participated in, please see my Github profile or my Gitlab profile. Over the years, I developed hundreds of thousands of line of code in languages like Assembly, C, C++, C#, Ruby, Rust, Erlang, SML or Javascript/Typescript. Most of my code is open-source.

I contributed code to the following “major” open-source projects:

  • Ruby language: I had commit-rights in the past. My XMP-RPC for Ruby library was once part of the stdlib. I am no longer active in the Ruby community.

  • DragonFly BSD: This is a fork of FreeBSD 4. I am a rather sporadic committer. You can see my commits here. Most of my more recent commits were related to making DragonFly run on my hardware or were Rust-related.

  • Rust language: Rust is a modern, safe systems programming language which I am using since 2012. I am maintaining the DragonFly port of the compiler and related libraries, and issued myriads of pull-requests. You can see some of my commits here.

Read about my language history.