Mobile App Development

Mobile application development on iOS and Android, Cross-platform or Native using Java, Kotlin or Typescript as languages and React Native and Apache Cordova as platforms.


Frontend development using React JS, Javascript, Typescript, HTML5, CSS.


Backend development using Ruby (on Rails), Rust, PostgreSQL.

Software Development

Any kind of software. Any language. For instance C#, C++, Java, Kotlin, Rust, Erlang, Ruby. I have worked with lots of different systems and platforms. Server applications, embedded systems and UI applications.

Research & Prototyping

You need something more advanced? Optimization problems, Machine Learning, Graph Algorithms, Big Data? Let me do a feasability study / prototype!

Coaching & Consulting

IT is a fast moving target. Do you use state of the art technology? Get up-to-date how software is developed today, using agile methods, test-driven development, modern tooling (IDEs, software configuration management, CI, deployment) and safe languages.

Review & Refactoring

Your software has performance, security or quality issues ("bugs")? I offer Code reviews and Security audits. In the long term, Refactoring can save time and money. Reviews involve coaching of developers, so that they improve their skills.