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The list of companies I have been working for during the recent years is given below. Please also see the sections Code and Talks for more information about my open-source engagement.

Company Technology Details
Simplifi C++, Ruby
Approximity GmbH Erlang, Ruby
hello2morrow GmbH Ruby on Rails, CSS Web presence, CMS
metacreaTIC Consulting
Mysites Oy Ruby on Rails, Javascript
Open Door Investment Advisors, Inc Ruby, SQL
Personifi LP. Ruby on Rails, Erlang, C++
Syngress Publishing (now Elsevier) Ruby Technical editor and one of the authors of the book Ruby Developer’s Guide, published in 2002.
Scherning, Hierl & Lang Management Consulting Ruby on Rails Realization of Adfinem - The Human Capital Network. StromverbraucherPool®